Professional Education, Personalized

The best education outcomes require:

1) a great teacher who is personally invested in their students, and 2) a positive peer environment to learn in.

Verathon Academy ensures these critical conditions apply to every single child we serve.

  • A New Model

    We’re an education services and technology non-profit that delivers a complete, in-person, cohort-based learning solution designed to outperform existing education models in student achievement, teacher delight, and parental satisfaction.

  • Guiding Philosophy

    Verathon Academy partners with parents to educate and form whole human beings. All learning is formational and is therefore a sacred endeavor. Everyone at Verathon focuses on the question, “What types of people do we want our students to become?”

  • Team and Advisors

    We are educators, school leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors who are committed to building a faith-centered, joy-filled, future-proof, unlimited-capacity education experience that amazes children, parents, and teachers.