Dear Church Leaders,

There is a current and growing critical need amongst congregations and communities for faith-based, high-quality, affordable private education options. A partnership with Verathon lets you immediately meet this need while generating income from your underutilized spaces throughout the week.

Verathon Academy + Church Facility = Instant “School”

Church Requirements and Partnership Details:

  • Small primary cohort meeting rooms available during school hours, 8am-4pm Monday through Thursday. Each room capable of holding a teacher and at least 12 students

  • Periodic access to larger room(s) for multi-cohort activities

  • Access to designated bathrooms

  • Internet access

  • Small on-site storage space

  • Access to facility trash bins

Verathon is designed to be an extremely light touch on the facility, employing flexible solutions for materials and equipment. We will also leave rooms configured according to our host’s weekly requirements.