Verathon Academy is a platform for professional pod/micro "Schools". Our goal is to enable personalized private education, everywhere

Verathon Academy combines the transparency, personalization, flexibility, and relational trust of the best homeschooling cooperatives with the in-person professional teaching, academic rigor, expert network access, administrative oversight, and overall culture making of exceptional private Christian schooling.


1) Pod Learning

Verathon assembles values-aligned, motivated learners into grade matched, geographically proximate, 12-person learning pods. Pods are assembled through our online placement process which (a) automatically places individuals into best-match pods and b) helps parents create their own pods through real-world family friendships.

2) Professional Instruction

Each pod is matched to a professional teacher for in-person daily instruction and guidance. A Verathon teacher goes beyond serving as a subject matter expert to being a dedicated resource who is specifically trained, equipped, and given responsibility for advancing the personalized learning experiences of their specific students.

3) Meeting Everywhere

Each teacher led pod is matched to a dedicated classroom in a partner church facility. The number of pods meeting at a particular location will match the number of rooms each church makes available. Generally, these host churches will give their attendees the first opportunity to register for the Verathon learning pods meeting at their location.

4) Led and Administrated Directly By Teachers in Partnership with Parents

Teachers work together each summer to drive curriculum selection and development, curate content, and design supplemental learning experiences. Teachers work directly with parents while the Verathon Platform helps to centrally manage logistics and organize cohort learning itineraries, serve the parent as customer and provide oversight to teacher-parent and teacher-student relationships. Verathon also supports teachers with ongoing training, personal development and performance-based compensation based on Parent feedback. 

Programs and Costs

Full-Time (4 days/wk)


  • Meeting at a church near you from Sept 11 - June 13
  • In-person tutoring and group instruction by Verathon Educator Monday through Thursday (Friday left open to schedule personal electives or activities)

  • Highly personalized private education alternative

  • Convenient daily schedule: Drop-off 8am-9am. Primary instruction hours 9am-3pm. Pick-up, 3pm-4pm.

  • Instructor-led immersive learning experiences and individualized learning supplements

  • Requires minimal parental involvement

Subscription Cost Per Month (12 Month Subscription, July-June):

Students 8 9 10 11 12 (Target)
Cost $658 $625 $600 $583 $575


 Blended Learning (2 days/wk)


  • Meeting at a church near you from Sept 11 - June 13
  • In-person tutoring and group instruction by Verathon Educator 2 days per week, either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs + two days prepared for the student at home

  • Professionally guided homeschooling alternative

  • Convenient daily schedule: Drop-off 8:30am-9am. Primary instruction hours 9am-3pm. Pick-up, 3pm-3:30pm.

  • Coordinated parent-led immersive learning experiences and suggested individualized learning options

  • Parent drives learning on off days

Subscription Cost Per Month (12 Month Subscription, July-June):

Students 8 9 10 11 12 (Target)
Cost $408 $375 $350 $333 $325


  • Enrollment Deposit is required per student according to the following schedule: Before April 5th - $150. Rest of April - $250. May - $300. June - $350. July or Thereafter - $400
  • Programs require a credit card on file and are billed automatically on the 15th of the month


How does the application process work?

Our "Indication of Interest" phase is always open and has zero obligation. Anyone can sign up to indicate demand at current partner host sites or through our general indication of interest form to signal demand in an area. Verathon will work to launch new pods according to demand. When a pod has a minimum interest threshold of 8-12 students, Verathon will work to match a professional educator from our growing list of amazing teachers. Once the pod has been matched to an educator we will activate the "Enrollment, Contract and Deposit" phase where interested parties will commit to the pod. Once 8-12 students have committed we will officially launch the pod.

Are there Scholarships or Financial Aid?

At the moment we are not in position to offer scholarships or financial aid. We hope to offer this in future years.

How does Verathon Academy deliver better student outcomes at lower cost?

Our model was informed by global research showing the best student outcomes result from having a good teacher personally invested in a student, who is learning in a positive peer environment. Verathon Academy supports each teacher with everything they need to thrive, which focuses all the teacher’s attention onto their small number of students and eliminates the countless distractions and agendas teachers face in the typical school environment. The deeper relational connection enables highly personalized learning trajectories compared to the one size fits all pace of 99.9% of schools. In addition, the small pod model allows our teachers to proactively shape their learning culture instead of just surviving it.

We seek to return the teacher-student relationship to the heart of education and want great teachers to be well rewarded. We price our model at the low end of private education, then pay good teachers more of every tuition dollar, with significant bonuses tied to student outcomes and as determined by parent feedback and Verathon leadership.

Where are you forming new learning groups?

We have locations now around Portland, OR. However, we'll prioritize launching pods in new locations based on demand, so be sure to request placement today.

Can I cancel mid year?

Cancellations reduce the pod teacher's earnings and increases the other families payments. Therefore, cancellations are allowed under the condition that Verathon Academy requires payment during the month in which a written notice of cancellation is received plus three months further payment. For example: If a cancelation notice is received in October, October's payment is owed plus November and December and January. This provides the pod with some time to replace the departing student. The student may remain in the pod during that window of transition. 

What is the cost?

See "Programs and Costs" section above.

Do you host parent information nights?

Our model doesn't accommodate in person meetings. Please feel free to reach out to us at hello@verathonacademy.com with any questions.

What grades do you serve?

Pods are formed according to demand, but we seek to serve grades K-8 per Host location. We expect to add more grades in the future.

Pods are grouped as follows: K, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8. Parents' preferred meeting location also factors into grade band variables. We constantly analyze indications of interest to offer locations and grand bands in highest demand.

Why do you combine grades?

Children learning in hyper specific age ranges is a fairly modern development, and we don't believe a good one, as it was based on the post industrial need to move large numbers of children through a set curriculum at a fixed pace. Verathon enables a totally different level of relationship between teachers and students allowing for much more personalization. Students per grade band will progress through the Verathon Core subjects together - Topics like Theology, Philosophy, Logic, Economics and Entrepreneurship, History, and Science - while students can be placed in tutoring groups for more individual-specific subjects like mathematics (and language arts in younger grades). Verathon students progress at different paces so tutoring groups are made according to ability not age, making it useful to have students of different ages learning together in a cohort. The older Middle School grades can be further supported by various digital self-learning platforms which are an important tool children should become familiar with as they prepare to use them in High School and beyond.

 The point is, no child should be limited by the learning levels of the collective group. With only 12 students, each Verathon educator can help every child progress at their fullest potential, per subject, while children benefit from being around peers with different capabilities.

Are you a private school?

No. Students register as "homeschooled" and we will guide parents through the annual requirements of this designation.

We are an education services and technology non-profit doing something new. We are not a school but the combination of services we provide through our program is designed to provide a better education than "school." Verathon Academy’s education model combines the personalization, flexibility, relational trust, individualized attention, and immersive-experiential learning of the best homeschooling cooperatives with the in-person professional instruction, academic rigor, support, expert-network access, and overall culture making of exceptional private Christian schooling. Rather than a top-down “private school,” we desire to be held accountable to our student's parents (YOU) as customer-partners. 

Will students have socialization opportunities?

Students will experience deep relational connection within their twelve-student learning pods and will have broader socialization opportunities through multi-pod daily breaks and periodic socialization activities.

Are parents allowed to participate?

Parents will have completely transparent access to everything that is being taught in the classroom and, with some advanced coordination with the teacher, are welcome to participate in class. Teachers will also actively seek parent volunteer support with the rolling starts and ends to each day, for lunch and break coverage, as well as many of the exercises and experiences planned throughout the year.

What curriculum will you use?

Our team of educators develops and refines our curriculum stack each year per grade band while also curating supplemental content. We tend to pull materials from Veritas Press, Sonlight, The Good and the Beautiful, and various Charlotte Mason inspired sources. But we also choose best of breed materials for particular subjects per grade. Our team and our educators may also create materials where we feel available options are lacking.

Will there be tests and grades?

There will be ongoing age-appropriate evaluations throughout the year using multiple methods. Knowing where our students are in their learning through summative assessments is important, but equally important to us is the continual shared communication between the teacher, parent and student on where each child is in their learning journey.

How can I help?

The best way to help is to spread the word by liking our facebook page and instagram and telling your friends to request placement or to fill out the form for our Waitlist. The more students we have the sooner we'll be able to form geographically proximate, grade-matched pods for all of your children. Secondarily, if you know great teachers, send them our way and let them know we are building something new and wonderful for students, parents, and teachers. Third, if you know a church administrator who might want to host Verathon Academy, please have them reach out.