Verathon is designing a better life for great Teachers.

We make it easy for gifted, experienced, faith-centered teachers to lead a Verathon pod school. With Verathon a teacher can expect:

Private, zero obligation sign up - If you’re a fit we’ll suggest matches to particular pods which you can choose to accept or reject individually.

More freedom

Less bureaucracy

Instruction days are Monday-Thursday for Full Time, or MON and WED or TUES and THURS for Blended Learning. Friday is for planning the coming week, for student/parent feedback and communication, and for Verathon’s teacher formation and personal development program.

Expected Annual earnings for the Full-Time program range between $47k-$61k depending on the number of students (Pods require 9-12 students to launch). Blended Learning teachers (2-day/wk option) will make between $25k and $32k.

Maximum of 12 students per cohort

Deeper relationships

Opportunities for mentoring and discipleship

Time for collaboration, planning, and research

Accelerated personal and professional growth

The Verathon platform, team and resources providing everything you need to thrive